How do I know what size room I need for my meeting?


Our minimum space calculator tool has been designed to help do the sums so you don’t have to!

By downloading our minimum space calculator tool, you can find out what room size you need to accommodate your number of attendees, and vice versa.

  • Enter your room size
  • Set your preference to square meters or square feet
  • Be sure to note where your projector location will be (if required)
  • Watch the calculator do the work and provide the numbers for you!

Alternatively, should you have your attendee numbers and want to know what size room will be required, we have this covered too! Click on the second tab of the excel document titled “Enter Attendees” and this time enter the number of attendees instead of your room size. Update the remaining fields as outlined previously to suit your requirements and voila! You will have the room size required.

Happy Calculating!

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