Negotiation Tracker™ - manages all of the back and forth

Automatically track your venue negotiations. 
Never save all those emails again.

We’re excited to announce new technology that simplifies negotiations by tracking both venue bid history and all the back-and-forth communication.

Negotiation Tracker™, powers your negotiations and takes the complexity out of gathering all the details from multiple venues. You get a complete timeline of each rebid, not just a snapshot of the first and final offers.

The solution helps you quantify the work that goes into negotiations and validate the savings generated on each meeting. Stakeholders can see at a glance all the effort put forth on their behalf.

Records all interactions in the bid process

Streamlines Communications – Toss the emails, voicemails and sticky notes. You’ll have a record of all the back-and-forth interactions stored in one place. With a click of a button, request rebids, specify changes and request savings opportunities. Negotiation Tracker shows planners and hotels the full evolution of each bid. If a concession is dropped from the current offer, you can point easily to an earlier version for proof of inclusion. All the information you need is instantly available, at your fingertips.

Drives Informed Decisions – The solution provides a variety of bid comparisons, helping to strengthen negotiating power and drive informed decisions. See how each hotel stacks up against the others. Compare preferred dates and alternate dates, and determine the best option for your organization by date.

Save Hours of Work – Negotiation Tracker compiles all communications automatically. No need to create comparisons and chart them in Excel spreadsheets anymore. The technology graphs out the entire bid history for a visual presentation of trends, such as growth in savings and reduction in costs.


Concession values are quantified by hotels in dollar amounts, adding credibility to each bid. Meeting owners and customers can see immediately how far the bid has evolved as well as all the work that has gone into reaching the final offer.

Let Negotiation Tracker shine a light on the value you drive
in both dollars and all your effort.

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