Can you tell me a little bit more about Zentila?

Sure, we'd love to!

Let's face it, most meeting management technology hasn't lived up to the hype and expectations laid out by the slick sales people selling it. At Zentila, we believe successful technology starts with the user experience. Make it simple and intuitive so that everybody can use it, and then wrap robust features around the experience for the pros.

The result? Zentila. A strategic sourcing solution that rolls-out faster, captures more data, and saves you more money.


Here's our "Zenifesto" as we like to call it:

At our heart, we're about helping companies and hotels make meaningful connections. But it's bigger than that. We believe that when people take an easier path, they can have fun along the way.

We believe in daily laughter, beachside barbecues, and smiling every chance we get. And we believe that the right technology can revolutionize an industry. SMILE. RELAX. REPEAT.

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