How do I get responses to my RFPs? Are they emailed to me?

The hotel responses for your RFP will come back in a flash and will appear on Zentila’s dynamic Bid Summary page which makes comparing your deals easy-peasy. The Bid Summary has live information so you can review any bids whenever you want in a head-to-head fashion. You can even re-arrange them with a snap to prioritize your top picks. To locate your Bid Summary page, log-in to your Zentila account and click the View Bids button that’s associated with the meeting you’re working on. 

We’ll also keep you informed throughout the entire process and even notify you via email when all hotels have submitted their proposals.

Another beautiful thing is that our responses are complete because Zentila does a ton of heavy lifting to make sure hotels respond completely to your RFP the first time around.

Need help navigating through that Bid Summary page? Your assigned Guru or our Customer Success Team is always happy to help.

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