What are ZenDealz?

ZenDealz are custom hotel offers that you can create and will be shown to Meeting Planners. They will only be visiable if your ZenDeal matches the requirements of the meeting the planner is creating (dates, peak rooms, number of people, etc.) We always allow our hotel partners 1 free Zendeal, but also have packages for purchase. Log-in and locate the ZenDealz link under the My Zentila dropdown at the top, or contact us at for further information.


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    Claudia staudt

    How do I get a zendeal, I don not see it under my dropdown menu.

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    Laura Eppley

    Hi Claudia- you may not see the Zendealz under your dropdown menu if you represent multiple properties. We can assist with setting this up for you. Contact us via online chat,, or give us a call 407-656-5683