Copying Meetings

Here at Zentila, we store all your meetings for you. Just look under your History tab on your dashboard- we promise!

If you have the same meeting that occurs frequently, you can simply copy that meeting from your history instead of re-creating it time and time again. On your dashboard under your History tab, locate the meeting you want to duplicate and look for the icon that looks like 2 pieces of paper with an arrow. Click that button to copy the meeting and its details. Don't worry, you can make any changes you want!

Ever lose your car keys, purse, or RFP? Never worry about that with Zentila as we even save your work-in-progress ‘cause we know you’ll get interrupted by somebody when you’re just about to hit send. Just make sure your past Step 1 on the RFP creation and simply return to where you left off. Relax…we’ve got you covered!

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