Hotel Boxes on Planner Homepage and Bid Summary

The hotel boxes on your homepage and Bid Summary page reflect the status of a hotel response for your meeting. Each box represents a hotel that is on your RFP and they are color coded to provide an update on that specific hotel's response at a quick glance and without having to go into your Bid Summary page. The following breakdown provides more information to what each color represents: 

  • White box with green outline – Waiting for hotel response
  • Solid green – Hotel has responded
  • Green with red triangle in top left corner - Hotel has responded but one or more bids on their response is for 2nd option
  • Solid green with white X – Hotel has responded and you (planner) turned down offer
  • Solid green with white S – Hotel has responded and you (planner) have shortlisted
  • Solid Red – Hotel has no availability

The following screenshot provides an example for each potential box color:

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